MCCA KO Shropshire CCC MCCA KO XI v Lincolnshire
Wednesday, August 11 2010 (10:54) at Emirates Ground, Chester-le-Street
Shropshire CCC MCCA KO XI Won By 7 wickets
Lincolnshire won toss and decided to bat
LincolnshireShropshire CCC MCCA KO XI
249 for 6 (50.0 overs)251 for 3 (44.5 overs)
3 Hours, 6 Minutes.2 Hours, 37 Minutes.
DJ Birchc M Tiltb S Taylor623291026.09
MC Dobsonc M Tiltb A Gray3362885053.23
V Atric A Grayb MR Barnard1722323077.27
MP Dowmanc M Tiltb M Downes3542513183.33
PG Cook*c CP Murtaghb J Leach5051592398.04
PN Morganc M Tiltb M Downes044000.00
LR Andrewsnot out5265703180.00
OE Burford+not out3033392090.91
Extras2nb 16w 6lb 2b 0pen26
Provisional Score For Innings249
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total249for 6
MR Barnard8.022514 (4)2 (2)54.003.13
S Taylor10.014412 (2)0 (0)62.004.40
M Downes8.014823 (3)0 (0)25.506.00
JD Whitney10.006805 (5)0 (0)0.006.80
A Gray10.012911 (1)0 (0)61.002.90
J Leach2.001811 (1)0 (0)13.009.00
RJ Foster2.00900 (0)0 (0)0.004.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
DJ Birch20-120DJ Birch (6) MC Dobson (11)7.4
V Atri52-232V Atri (17) MC Dobson (9)14.4
MC Dobson84-332MC Dobson (13) MP Dowman (15)21.1
MP Dowman123-439MP Dowman (20) PG Cook (18)28.2
PN Morgan125-52PN Morgan (0) PG Cook (0)28.6
PG Cook172-647PG Cook (32) LR Andrews (13)40.2
Shropshire CCC MCCA KO XI
EJ Foster*not out951211587278.51
JD Whitneyb MP Dowman30213450142.86
CP Murtaghc and bBW Houston2335314065.71
RJ Fosterrun out (DJ Birch)511110045.45
J Leachnot out6781824182.72
Extras0nb 24w 5lb 2b 0pen31
Provisional Score For Innings251
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total251for 3
A Carter8.004802 (6)0 (0)0.006.00
AR Onyon4.003805 (9)0 (0)0.009.50
BW Houston10.003911 (1)0 (0)61.003.90
MP Dowman6.004511 (2)0 (0)37.007.50
MC Dobson10.003806 (6)0 (0)0.003.80
LR Andrews6.513600 (0)0 (0)0.005.27
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
JD Whitney58-158JD Whitney (30) EJ Foster (13)8.3
CP Murtagh98-240CP Murtagh (23) EJ Foster (13)17.4
RJ Foster112-314RJ Foster (5) EJ Foster (3)20.2
Match Report
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Dry
Umpires: D Johnson G Parker
Match Referee: P Caley
Scorers: C L Barthorpe S Clayton