MCCA Championship Western Div Cheshire CCC MCCA Championship XI v Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI
Sunday, August 18 2013 (11:00) at Nantwich
Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI won toss and decided to field
Cheshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (1st Innings)Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (1st Innings)
455 for 8 (90.0 overs)391 for 8 (90.0 overs)
4 Hours, 57 Minutes.5 Hours, 42 Minutes.
Cheshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (2nd Innings)Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (2nd Innings)
329 (112.2 overs)116 for 5 (41.0 overs)
5 Hours, 58 Minutes.2 Hours, 4 Minutes.
Cheshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (1st Innings)
W Goodwinc A Parkerb R Oliver8972088.89
J Kettle+c H Blofieldb D Bowen14100025.00
R Mooreb R Oliver3961758063.93
J Duffyb D Bowen20327228526374.63
K Sawasc A Parkerb J Whitney522271022.73
L Dixonc and bH Blofield724251029.17
D Berryc J Ralphb J Whitney62939310066.67
J Williamsc R Oliverb A Kenvyn3034344088.24
S Kirwinnot out62323374193.75
D Woods*not out11200100.00
A Syddall
Extras11b 2lb 0w 24nb 0pen37
Provisional Score For Innings455
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total455for 8
D Bowen14.019420 (0)6 (12)45.006.71
R Oliver34.0513120 (0)5 (10)104.503.85
A Kenvyn10.016010 (0)1 (2)61.006.00
J Whitney15.047720 (0)0 (0)45.005.13
H Blofield14.026210 (0)0 (0)84.004.43
J Ralph3.001800 (0)0 (0)0.006.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
W Goodwin1-99W Goodwin (8) J Kettle (1)1.5
J Kettle2-90J Kettle (0) R Moore (0)2.2
R Moore3-117108R Moore (39) J Duffy (44)23.2
K Sawas4-13619K Sawas (5) J Duffy (14)30.5
L Dixon5-15620L Dixon (7) J Duffy (11)38.5
D Berry6-292136D Berry (62) J Duffy (65)68.3
J Williams7-36371J Williams (30) J Duffy (40)80.3
J Duffy8-44986J Duffy (29) S Kirwin (57)89.3
Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (1st Innings)
R Oliver*b S Kirwin031000.00
S Leachnot out15726334520159.70
C Murtaghb J Williams591321539044.70
J Clarkeb D Woods4891050.00
J Ralphc R Mooreb J Williams3790042.86
R Fosterc J Kettleb A Syddall76921049382.61
J Whitneyc L Dixonb A Syddall19101521190.00
A Parker+c J Duffyb D Woods39303450130.00
H Blofieldrun out015000.00
A Kenvynnot out1380033.33
D Bowen
Extras2b 13lb 0w 18nb 0pen33
Provisional Score For Innings391
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total391for 8
S Kirwin21.029610 (0)7 (14)133.004.57
A Syddall32.0911920 (0)2 (4)97.003.72
R Moore4.011100 (0)0 (0)0.002.75
W Goodwin1.00800 (0)0 (0)0.008.00
D Woods17.028820 (0)0 (0)51.005.18
J Williams15.045420 (0)0 (0)45.003.60
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
R Oliver1-22R Oliver (0) S Leach (0)0.2
C Murtagh2-130128C Murtagh (59) S Leach (54)40.4
J Clarke3-1399J Clarke (4) S Leach (5)43.5
J Ralph4-15011J Ralph (3) S Leach (6)46.1
R Foster5-281131R Foster (76) S Leach (45)75.3
J Whitney6-31332J Whitney (19) S Leach (12)79.1
A Parker7-37865A Parker (39) S Leach (23)87.4
H Blofield8-3802H Blofield (0) S Leach (2)88.1
Cheshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (2nd Innings)
W Goodwinb D Bowen2438464063.16
J Kettle+c A Parkerb R Oliver1018192055.56
R Moorec J Clarkeb A Kenvyn11622324521052.02
J Duffyc A Parkerb R Oliver515191033.33
K Sawasc S Leachb A Kenvyn43374771116.22
L Dixonb A Kenvyn923212039.13
A Syddallc J Clarkeb D Bowen221711772012.87
D Berryc R Oliverb A Kenvyn042000.00
J Williams LBW b H Blofield 26 97914025.88
S Kirwinb D Bowen22192250115.79
D Woods*not out0 3824000.00
Extras20b 12lb 2w 18nb 0pen52
Provisional Score For Innings 329
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total 329  
D Bowen23.0510530 (0)6 (12)48.004.57
R Oliver25.096421 (1)3 (6)77.002.56
J Whitney 14.05 3800 (0)0 (0)0.002.92
H Blofield 23.2 1050 10 (0)0 (0)0.002.27
A Kenvyn 20.09 3041 (1)0 (0)28.751.53
J Ralph3.02100 (0)0 (0)0.000.33
C Murtagh2.00900 (0)0 (0)0.004.50
A Parker2.02000 (0)0 (0)0.000.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
J Kettle1-1919J Kettle (10) W Goodwin (7)5.3
W Goodwin2-4728W Goodwin (17) R Moore (9)12.5
J Duffy3-6417J Duffy (5) R Moore (10)17.4
K Sawas4-11955K Sawas (43) R Moore (8)30.4
L Dixon5-13516L Dixon (9) R Moore (2)38.2
R Moore6-265130R Moore (87) A Syddall (19)78.1
D Berry7-2650D Berry (0) A Syddall (0)78.5
A Syddall8-28015A Syddall (3) J Williams (0)94.3
S Kirwin 9-312 32 S Kirwin (22) J Williams (10) 100.4
J Williams 10-329 17    
Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (2nd Innings)
R Oliver*b D Woods011000.00
S Leachnot out40981295040.82
C Murtaghst J Kettleb D Woods925111036.00
J Whitneyb D Woods1739542043.59
J Clarkec L Dixonb J Williams716121043.75
J Ralphb J Duffy2963425046.03
R Fosternot out44210100.00
A Parker+
A Kenvyn
H Blofield
D Bowen
Extras6b 4lb 0w 0nb 0pen10
Provisional Score For Innings116
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total116for 5
D Woods20.075330 (0)0 (0)40.002.65
J Williams20.054910 (0)0 (0)120.002.45
J Duffy1.00410 (0)0 (0)6.004.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
R Oliver1-00R Oliver (0) S Leach (0)0.1
C Murtagh2-1212C Murtagh (9) S Leach (1)4.5
J Whitney3-5543J Whitney (17) S Leach (24)18.2
J Clarke4-6813J Clarke (7) S Leach (6)23.2
J Ralph5-11143J Ralph (29) S Leach (9)40.2
Match Report
Umpires: R Burn P Gardner
Scorers: J Law CL Barthorpe