Unicorns Championship Western Division Herefordshire CCC MCCA Championship XI v Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI
Sunday, June 21 2015 (11:00) to Tuesday, June 23 2015 at Eastnor
Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI won toss and decided to bat
Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (1st Innings)Herefordshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (1st Innings)
367 for 8 (90.0 overs)382 for 9 (90.0 overs)
5 Hours, 20 Minutes.5 Hours, 31 Minutes.
Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (2nd Innings)Herefordshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (2nd Innings)
281 all out (84.4 overs)191 for 7 (54.4 overs)
5 Hours, 30 Minutes.3 Hours, 24 Minutes.
Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (1st Innings)
S Leachb W Barrett397585616352.00
O Alic D Exallb A Jahangir9214921014010761.74
R Clarkerun out (A Jahangir)0152600150.00
R Lockleylbwb M Pardesi277375105636.99
S Gregory+c C Lowenb J McIlroy294859403260.42
J Ralph*c W Barrettb J McIlroy363731612497.30
T Westonc E Pollockb M Pardesi446559604267.69
G Randhawac C Lowenb A Jahangir174546103237.78
R Aucottnot out3124252211129.17
M Higginbottomnot out291418133207.14
B Sanderson
Extras2b 6lb 3w 12nb 0pen23
Provisional Score For Innings367
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total367for 8
D Conway14.054100 (0)3 (6)690.002.9331
J McIlroy10.026021 (1)3 (6)4232.006.00101
W Barrett12.025511 (1)0 (0)5073.004.5862
D Exall12.024100 (0)0 (0)520.003.4250
A Jahangir28.039920 (0)0 (0)11684.003.54102
M Pardesi14.016321 (1)0 (0)5142.504.5071
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
S Leach1-8585S Leach (39) O Ali (36)21.2
R Clarke2-9712R Clarke (0) O Ali (12)28.2
R Lockley3-15962R Lockley (27) O Ali (33)48.5
O Ali4-19536O Ali (11) S Gregory (22)55.2
J Ralph5-24146J Ralph (36) S Gregory (6)64.5
S Gregory6-2432S Gregory (1) T Weston (1)66.1
G Randhawa7-29855G Randhawa (17) T Weston (38)81.6
T Weston8-3057T Weston (5) R Aucott (1)84.1
Herefordshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (1st Innings)
C Lowen+b M Higginbottom2117001018.18
D Exall*c J Ralphb T Weston31935001615.79
E Pollocknot out22725432322814789.37
C Whittockc S Gregoryb B Sanderson92527202236.00
J Crichardlbwb B Sanderson0240020.00
M Pardesilbwb G Randhawa6298120806963.27
D Vernonc and bJ Ralph408490706847.62
W Barrettb J Ralph0210020.00
A Jahangirc and bG Randhawa93018102530.00
D Conwaylbwb G Randhawa59810755.56
J McIlroynot out5101800850.00
Extras2b 10lb 0w 8nb 0pen20
Provisional Score For Innings382
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total382for 9
B Sanderson18.234720 (0)0 (0)8655.002.5630
M Higginbottom15.028410 (0)2 (4)5792.005.60112
T Weston4.011710 (0)0 (0)1924.004.2540
G Randhawa34.4214030 (0)1 (2)14069.674.04144
R Aucott4.003300 (0)1 (2)100.008.2531
J Ralph13.014120 (0)0 (0)5639.003.1541
R Clarke1.00800 (0)0 (0)40.008.0020
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
C Lowen1-33C Lowen (2) D Exall (0)1.5
D Exall2-2724D Exall (3) E Pollock (17)8.4
C Whittock3-5023C Whittock (9) E Pollock (12)15.5
J Crichard4-500J Crichard (0) E Pollock (0)17.1
M Pardesi5-202152M Pardesi (62) E Pollock (82)49.2
D Vernon6-306104D Vernon (40) E Pollock (59)75.2
W Barrett7-3060W Barrett (0) E Pollock (0)75.4
A Jahangir8-33327A Jahangir (9) E Pollock (18)82.4
D Conway9-34512D Conway (5) E Pollock (7)84.6
Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (2nd Innings)
S Leachc C Lowenb J McIlroy9116322610010455.83
O Alib W Barrett101829011455.56
R Clarkerun out (J McIlroy)691241491109055.65
R Lockleyc C Lowenb D Conway71726101341.18
S Gregory+c J McIlroyb A Jahangir0171200170.00
J Ralph*c C Lowenb D Conway336983304847.83
T Westonb M Pardesi95470104816.67
R Aucottnot out302333509130.43
G Randhawab M Pardesi691010666.67
M Higginbottomst C Lowenb M Pardesi0210020.00
B Sandersonb M Pardesi7131300853.85
Extras2b 15lb 0w 2nb 0pen19
Provisional Score For Innings281
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total281all out
W Barrett17.006910 (0)0 (0)66102.004.0691
A Jahangir20.035710 (0)0 (0)83120.002.8550
D Conway21.055520 (0)1 (2)9663.502.6270
M Pardesi13.425140 (0)0 (0)5320.503.7360
J McIlroy12.023210 (0)0 (0)5572.002.6750
D Vernon1.01000 (0)0 (0)60.000.0000
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
O Ali1-3131O Ali (10) S Leach (16)8.1
R Clarke*1-343R Clarke (2) S Leach (1)10.6
R Lockley2-6026R Lockley (7) S Leach (15)17.1
S Gregory3-633S Gregory (0) S Leach (3)20.3
J Ralph4-14380J Ralph (33) S Leach (41)43.5
S Leach5-17633S Leach (15) R Clarke (18)57.1
T Weston6-23357T Weston (9) R Clarke (47)76.2
R Clarke7-24411R Clarke (2) R Aucott (9)77.5
G Randhawa8-26117G Randhawa (6) R Aucott (10)80.2
M Higginbottom9-2610M Higginbottom (0) R Aucott (0)80.4
B Sanderson10-28120B Sanderson (7) R Aucott (11)84.4
Herefordshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (2nd Innings)
C Lowen+lbwb G Randhawa6681951015581.48
D Exall*b G Randhawa222543311888.00
E Pollockc B Sandersonb M Higginbottom201527129133.33
C Whittockc S Leachb M Higginbottom276075404545.00
J Crichardb G Randhawa202724402074.07
D Vernonc T Westonb G Randhawa113234202734.38
W Barrettnot out54756104510.64
M Pardesilbwb B Sanderson82325101834.78
A Jahangirnot out91822201550.00
D Conway
J McIlroy
Extras2b 1lb 0w 0nb 0pen3
Provisional Score For Innings191
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total191for 7
B Sanderson19.437310 (0)0 (0)89118.003.71140
M Higginbottom10.034620 (0)0 (0)4230.004.6052
G Randhawa23.056840 (0)0 (0)11034.502.9692
R Aucott1.00100 (0)0 (0)50.001.0000
J Ralph1.01000 (0)0 (0)60.000.0000
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
D Exall1-5858D Exall (22) C Lowen (35)9.6
E Pollock2-9133E Pollock (20) C Lowen (13)16.5
C Lowen3-11928C Lowen (18) C Whittock (10)23.6
J Crichard4-14728J Crichard (20) C Whittock (8)31.1
C Whittock5-16316C Whittock (9) D Vernon (7)38.5
D Vernon6-1674D Vernon (4) W Barrett (0)41.1
M Pardesi7-1769M Pardesi (8) W Barrett (1)48.2
Close of Play Scores
Day 1: Herefordshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (1st Innings) 59 for 4(22.0 overs) M Pardesi 14* E Pollock 31*
Day 2: Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (2nd Innings) 122 for 3(41.0 overs) S Leach 72* J Ralph 31*
Match Report
Man of the Match:E J Pollock
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: S Malone & M Qureshi
Scorers: C Green & J Morris