Unicorns KO Trophy Group 2 Staffordshire CCC MCCA KO XI v Shropshire CCC MCCA KO XI
Sunday, May 22 2016 (11:00) at Leek
Staffordshire CCC MCCA KO XI Won By 8 wickets
Shropshire CCC MCCA KO XI won toss and decided to bat
Shropshire CCC MCCA KO XIStaffordshire CCC MCCA KO XI
78 all out (24.3 overs)79 for 2 (22.0 overs)
1 Hour, 44 Minutes.1 Hour, 12 Minutes.
Shropshire CCC MCCA KO XI
R Oliverc S Kelsallb G Willott251000340.00
S Leach*c D Brierleyb B Phagura10121820983.33
O Alic G Willottb M Parkinson4638549020121.05
J McIverc D Brierleyb B Phagura0680060.00
R Aucottc D Brierleyb G Willott0350030.00
D Wainwrightrun out (B Phagura)591800455.56
R Lockley+st D Brierleyb M Parkinson21317001215.38
W Cookc P Wilshawb M Parkinson44038003610.00
H Blofieldlbwb M Parkinson0110010.00
S Griffithsc D Brierleyb M Coxon0131400130.00
A Wyattnot out481600550.00
Extras0b 0lb 3w 2nb 0pen5
Provisional Score For Innings78
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total78all out
G Willott4.003023 (3)0 (0)1513.507.5060
B Phagura4.012020 (0)1 (2)1612.505.0030
K Ali2.00400 (0)0 (0)80.002.0000
M Coxon7.021110 (0)0 (0)3342.001.5700
M Parkinson6.331340 (0)0 (0)339.752.0020
P Byrne1.01000 (0)0 (0)60.000.0000
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
R Oliver1-1111R Oliver (2) S Leach (8)2.1
S Leach2-132S Leach (2) O Ali (0)3.4
J McIver3-2916J McIver (0) O Ali (16)5.4
R Aucott4-323R Aucott (0) O Ali (1)6.3
D Wainwright5-5624D Wainwright (5) O Ali (17)10.2
O Ali6-6812O Ali (12) R Lockley (0)12.6
R Lockley7-713R Lockley (2) W Cook (1)14.4
H Blofield8-710H Blofield (0) W Cook (0)14.5
S Griffiths9-721S Griffiths (0) W Cook (1)19.2
W Cook10-786W Cook (2) A Wyatt (4)24.3
Staffordshire CCC MCCA KO XI
K Ali*c S Griffithsb J McIver225056113944.00
S Kelsallnot out415972604269.49
T Maxfieldb J McIver71410101050.00
P Wilshawnot out510410850.00
D Brierley+
M Hill
P Byrne
M Parkinson
M Coxon
B Phagura
G Willott
Extras1b 0lb 1w 2nb 0pen4
Provisional Score For Innings79
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total79for 2
A Wyatt7.012101 (1)0 (0)320.003.0020
S Griffiths3.011900 (0)1 (2)110.006.3320
D Wainwright8.032400 (0)0 (0)380.003.0031
J McIver4.011420 (0)0 (0)1812.003.5020
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
K Ali1-6161K Ali (22) S Kelsall (36)16.5
T Maxfield2-7312T Maxfield (7) S Kelsall (5)20.2
Match Report
Man of the Match:Matthew Parkinson
Weather: Cloudy Pitch: Hard
Umpires: D Warburton & H Adnan
Scorers: C Green & K O'Connell