Unicorns Championship Western Division Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI v Cornwall CCC MCCA Championship XI
Sunday, July 03 2016 (11:00) to Tuesday, July 05 2016 at Bridgnorth CC
Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI Won By 4 wickets
Points: Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI: 24 Cornwall CCC MCCA Championship XI: 6
Cornwall CCC MCCA Championship XI won toss and decided to bat
Cornwall CCC MCCA Championship XI (1st Innings)Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (1st Innings)
245 all out (75.1 overs)253 all out (80.3 overs)
4 Hours, 6 Minutes.3 Hours, 58 Minutes.
Cornwall CCC MCCA Championship XI (2nd Innings)Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (2nd Innings)
252 all out (97.4 overs)246 for 6 (64.2 overs)
5 Hours, 21 Minutes.3 Hours, 29 Minutes.
Cornwall CCC MCCA Championship XI (1st Innings)
ML Robins*b A Wyatt0320030.00
MH Rowec O Alib A Wyatt3329467018113.79
B Wadlanb S Griffiths61313101046.15
CB Purchasec R Oliverb S Griffiths2322322114104.55
G Smithst L Tinsleyb D Wainwright92142143829064.79
T Rowec S Griffithsb D Wainwright31324001023.08
P Smithc J Ralphb R Oliver0350030.00
J Turpinc S Griffithsb D Wainwright328894306736.36
S Harvey+c L Tinsleyb A Wyatt165855104627.59
A Libbyc S Leachb D Wainwright287054305540.00
J Thomasnot out5111410945.45
Extras2b 1lb 2w 2nb 0pen7
Provisional Score For Innings245
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total245all out
A Wyatt16.036330 (0)0 (0)7032.003.9491
S Griffiths11.005820 (0)0 (0)4033.005.2790
D Wainwright26.127240 (0)0 (0)11039.252.7551
R Oliver6.011312 (2)0 (0)2838.002.1710
H Blofield16.033600 (0)1 (2)760.002.2521
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
ML Robins1-00ML Robins (0) MH Rowe (0)0.3
B Wadlan2-1111B Wadlan (6) MH Rowe (5)3.4
MH Rowe3-6352MH Rowe (28) CB Purchase (23)10.6
CB Purchase4-630CB Purchase (0) G Smith (0)11.1
T Rowe5-8118T Rowe (3) G Smith (14)17.4
P Smith6-843P Smith (0) G Smith (1)18.4
J Turpin7-187103J Turpin (32) G Smith (71)49.6
G Smith8-20114G Smith (6) S Harvey (6)55.3
S Harvey9-22928S Harvey (10) A Libby (18)70.6
A Libby10-24516A Libby (10) J Thomas (5)75.1
Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (1st Innings)
R Oliverc T Roweb B Wadlan143044102346.67
S Leach*c MH Roweb G Smith466462603971.88
J Carrascolbwb A Libby357578605946.67
O Alic CB Purchaseb G Smith0310030.00
D Wainwrightc T Roweb A Libby46126966010036.51
R Aucottnot out76117115727964.96
J Ralphb J Thomas203840302752.63
H Blofieldlbwb A Libby0490040.00
L Tinsley+lbwb A Libby0310030.00
A Wyattc and bA Libby776104100.00
S Griffithsc S Harveyb G Smith1171600165.88
Extras3b 3lb 0w 2nb 0pen8
Provisional Score For Innings253
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total253all out
J Turpin7.013100 (0)1 (2)270.004.4330
J Thomas8.002010 (0)0 (0)3648.002.5020
T Rowe5.002200 (0)0 (0)190.004.4030
B Wadlan4.001610 (0)0 (0)1724.004.0030
A Libby33.099350 (0)0 (0)14839.602.82111
G Smith23.366530 (0)0 (0)11047.002.7781
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
R Oliver1-4848R Oliver (14) S Leach (32)12.3
S Leach2-7123S Leach (14) J Carrasco (9)18.2
O Ali3-710O Ali (0) J Carrasco (0)18.5
J Carrasco4-12150J Carrasco (26) D Wainwright (24)41.6
D Wainwright5-15635D Wainwright (22) R Aucott (13)57.1
J Ralph6-21761J Ralph (20) R Aucott (40)70.3
H Blofield7-2247H Blofield (0) R Aucott (4)73.2
L Tinsley8-2240L Tinsley (0) R Aucott (0)73.5
A Wyatt9-23612A Wyatt (7) R Aucott (5)75.2
S Griffiths10-25317S Griffiths (1) R Aucott (14)80.3
Cornwall CCC MCCA Championship XI (2nd Innings)
ML Robins*run out (D Wainwright)191623208118.75
T Rowelbwb D Wainwright333947602584.62
B Wadlanc O Alib H Blofield102431001741.67
S Harvey+c R Oliverb D Wainwright311401172011722.14
G Smithlbwb D Wainwright43131002712.90
CB Purchasec D Wainwrightb H Blofield233530022465.71
MH Roweb A Wyatt671672038012940.12
P Smithc L Tinsleyb A Wyatt175566204530.91
J Turpinb S Griffiths72221101931.82
A Libbyc L Tinsleyb S Griffiths335047503566.00
J Thomasnot out281800625.00
Extras0b 3lb 1w 2nb 0pen6
Provisional Score For Innings252
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total252all out
A Wyatt12.404721 (1)0 (0)5038.503.7140
S Griffiths9.013420 (0)1 (2)4027.503.7850
D Wainwright39.097730 (0)0 (0)18678.001.9770
H Blofield33.097720 (0)0 (0)15999.002.3382
J Ralph4.011400 (0)0 (0)170.003.5020
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
ML Robins1-3838ML Robins (19) T Rowe (16)5.2
T Rowe2-6224T Rowe (17) B Wadlan (6)11.3
B Wadlan3-686B Wadlan (4) S Harvey (2)14.2
G Smith4-7911G Smith (4) S Harvey (7)27.1
CB Purchase5-10627CB Purchase (23) S Harvey (4)36.6
S Harvey6-13933S Harvey (18) MH Rowe (15)54.3
P Smith7-18445P Smith (17) MH Rowe (28)77.1
J Turpin8-19612J Turpin (7) MH Rowe (4)81.6
A Libby9-24145A Libby (33) MH Rowe (12)94.2
MH Rowe10-25211MH Rowe (8) J Thomas (2)97.4
Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (2nd Innings)
R Oliverst S Harveyb G Smith354555602977.78
S Leach*c S Harveyb A Libby285368314152.83
J Carrascob A Libby0780070.00
O Alic ML Robinsb A Libby0110010.00
D Wainwrightnot out80138142909557.97
R Aucottb J Thomas891091101317081.65
J Ralphc T Roweb J Thomas102015201750.00
H Blofieldnot out1141400137.14
S Griffiths
L Tinsley+
A Wyatt
Extras0b 0lb 1w 2nb 0pen3
Provisional Score For Innings246
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total246for 6
J Turpin8.012000 (0)0 (0)360.002.5020
G Smith23.029710 (0)0 (0)95138.004.22122
J Thomas9.014020 (0)1 (2)3627.504.4460
T Rowe1.001001 (1)0 (0)30.0010.0020
A Libby19.255830 (0)0 (0)8938.673.0080
CB Purchase3.001000 (0)0 (0)120.003.3310
B Wadlan1.001100 (0)0 (0)10.0011.0020
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
R Oliver1-5757R Oliver (35) S Leach (21)14.4
J Carrasco2-647J Carrasco (0) S Leach (7)17.1
O Ali3-640O Ali (0) S Leach (0)17.2
S Leach4-640S Leach (0) D Wainwright (0)17.4
R Aucott5-214150R Aucott (89) D Wainwright (61)53.5
J Ralph6-22612J Ralph (10) D Wainwright (2)59.4
Close of Play Scores
Day 1: Shropshire CCC MCCA Championship XI (1st Innings) 155 for 4(56.0 overs) D Wainwright 45* R Aucott 13*
Match Report
Man of the Match:David Wainwright
Weather: Cloudy Pitch: Hard
Umpires: A Hicks & R Parker
Scorers: J O:BRIEN & C Barthorpe